Mitsubishi ws 55411 Power shuts down?

I have a mitsubishi ws 55411 tv. When you turn it on the power shuts down after a few seconds. It makes a clicking sound out of the bottom left side of the back of the tv. Is it worth fixing or is it time for a new set?
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  1. Hold down the menu and input keys after it shuts down. After a few seconds it should give you a two-digit code.

    There a mulitple reasons this model can shut down. Some are easy, and some are catastrophic. Have you looked inside? Check for liquid damage on the signal board (left hand from back) - these models would leak coolant onto the signal module. (Worst case scenario there.)
  2. I have the same problem. the power shuts off after 2 seconds. I held the Menu and Input buttons and the power light just flashes. every time i press the power button it shuts off after two seconds. I looked in the back and there was some liquid on a green board on the left side. the liquid looked rusty grayish. lookin from the front, the bottom of the housing that holds the light right above where the liquid was looked rusted in spots. Is this coolant and how serious is the problem if it is. Cost estimate? Repair or buy a new LCD?
  3. You really should retire it. If you need a big tv, a new Mitsu DLP is cheap cheap cheap for a 60" - or you can get a nice new LCD.
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