Why the movies in 1080p seems fake or made cheap ?

I just bought a new samsung hdtv led 8000 series and watching the movies in 1080p seems a bad idea. Everything looks fake to me...should I go back to 780p ?
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  1. what looks fake.. the things you lay your eyeballs on AFTER watching a movie?
    if thats the case, try viewing the same thing outside under the raw sunlight.

    if the video itself looked like crap.. it obviously wasnt presented to you with full pixel resolution.
    they can 'scale' any image and it will keep its amount of detail.

    its like taking a pixel from your screen and blowing it up to the size of a lamp or lightbulb.. like the screens used at football or baseball fields.
    they dont have any 'screens' made of lightbulbs anymore.. but you should still be able to find some pictures of 'em.

    i have an HDTV and i've seen like five different levels of detail.
  2. The new sets track motion is a vastly different way than you're used to. You can adjust the motion settings quite a bit on this model - it does have a habit of confusing film-based content and video.

    Also, movies mastered on Blu-Ray have a habit of making green-screen shots VERY obvious.
  3. Try watching the movie in 60Hz mode instead of 120Hz mode or 240Hz mode to eliminate internal video processing.
  4. In the menu under picture>picture options>'auto motion plus' set it to off. This will turn off the 240Hz and make things look more like a movie.
  5. fritter87 and jaguarskx hit the nail on the head. The higher refresh rates are literally causing your TV to add frames that aren't there, giving everything the "shot on video" look that is probably what you're referring to. Most higher end stereo/video/home theater magazines and sites have articles or mention this artifact in their reviews. Here's an older (but very good) article about HDTV's and motion processing from CNET. Scroll down to #4 for a great explanation of this. http://reviews.cnet.com/4520-6449_7-6792632-1.html
  6. Thank you fritter, that helped immensely. I was a bit concerned about watching movies on this set, now they look normal. I figured there was a way to do this, but I just got the TV earlier today, and haven't got it all sorted out yet :D
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