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my neice was using my camera's SD card to put some pictures in the computer.. she managed to copy few ones but than later she told me that she couldnt see other pictures from the sd card... the computer shows the sd card's memory not changed but i cant seem to find any pictures and even when i plugged in the sd card back in the mobile it says there isnt any pictures and so does the computer..

I would appreciated a lot if someone could be able to help me with it. i got tons of holiday pictures in the sd card and dont want to loose them.
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  1. Were the pics shot in RAW or JPEG? If RAW make sure you are using a program that reads RAW files.
  2. The files on the SD card could be accidentally deleted, or she used cut and then paste in which case pictures are erased after move. But do not worry, a sd card data recovery tool should be helpful, here's a good one

    To increase the chance of SD card file recovery, you'd better stop using the SD card before you get back lost files from SD card. This is because that continue using the SD card will most likely save new files to SD card where those new files could overwrite the space of lost pics which will make them unrecoverable.

    There's some other chance where files could be hidden due to unknown reason, so you may also try to show hidden files, just to check whether this will bring up the lost photos

    You may also scan the SD card for virus, if it is virus infected, it's better to kill the virus, here's some anti virus software you can use
  3. Were the pics shot in RAW or JPEG?
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