Plasma tv does not recognize hdmi bluray connected

My panasonic plasma tv has 2 months. yesterday when I turned it on, and wanted to watch a blu ray movie, the tv did not recognize the device as if it wasn't connected; the same happened with my cable decoder device.
I reset the tv to original settings, I named the hdmi, I disconnected for more than 1 hour and then reconnected.
It won't even recognize my iPad when I plug it in.
What can I do?
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  1. If the TV has another HDMI input, try that as well. Make sure you switch to the HDMI input port to which you connect your device. Also make sure that your TV is not configured to skip some ports. If the HDMI port is configured to be skipped, then devices connected to that port may not be detected ( resetting should have taken care of port skipping, though ).

    When HDMI is not detected, remove the cable and immediately reconnect it. Do not take too long ( one hour, in your case ). One second is enough.

    If still no go, then you should contact Panasonic service dealer for repair or complete replacement of the TV set. Since it is two months old ( very new TV set ), then replacement is the way to go, I guess. Nobody wants a brand-new TV set to be repaired.
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