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I have a Sony VIO PCG-6S2L laptop and it does not see the external monitor. I have connected VGA to VGA and also DVI-D to DVI-D and neither works. I'v attempted downloading drivers and the settings see the monitor and say it's working properly but nothing's on the monitor. The monitor alone has the error "Video Input" DVI-1 no signal". I've tried everything and can't get it to work! Any suggestions??
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  1. Most laptops have a key sequence to turn off the internal screen and switch the video output to an external monitor. Have you tried that?
  2. No, I have not. Can you help me and tell me where to find this? It's funny because when I plug in the VGA, the error on the screen indicates it's looking for a video signal and when I plug in the DVI the error on the screen indicates it's looking for a digital signal. The opposite of whatever I plug in.
    Thank you!
  3. The error messages are correct. VGA is an analog video signal. DVI is a digital video signal.

    Look at the keyboard. There should be a usually blue-colored ( or some other color ) key named Fn and another key that may have the word LCD on it or the picture of a monitor, again in blue ( or some other ) color. They are usually two-function keys, for example, F8 and LCD on the same key.

    While the external monitor is connected through either VGA or DVI, press and keep pressed the Fn key, then press the key that has either the word LCD or the small picture of a monitor screen. The video should now move to the external monitor. If not, then press LCD key another time while holding the FN key pressed because the video moves to VGA first and DVI second, or vice versa. Sometimes the laptop may also have HDMI output as well. Then after each press of the LCD key, the video moves to VGA, DVI, HDMI, and back to internal monitor. When you see the video on the external monitor, release both Fn and the other key. Simple as that.

    If you still cannot see the video on the external monitor, then the cable may be defective or the connectors on the monitor or on the laptop may be at fault. It is not also a remote possibility that related keys on the keyboard may be sticking and not functioning as expected. Who knows ???
  4. Nope, this did not work either. I only have VGA and DVI. I've also tried swapping the cords with no result. When I plug in the monitor, my laptop 'acts' like something got plugged in (like when you plug in something new) but, I've tried all the function keys and NADA!!! Someone said that I needed a video driver that Sony does not have but that does not make sense! I installed the drivers for the monitor and when I go to the control panel, it says that "Devise is working properly". I also selected the "Identify" and it keeps telling me that the only peripheral is the laptop (Show's "1" on the monitor of the laptop.
    This is driving me NUTS and I'm going blind as the screen is very small.
    Thank you ALL for your help!
  5. see if one of the pins is broken or bent on the connectors or even connectors on the monitor and pc, it may be that there is no sync connection and the laptop wont display without proper sync information.... what is the make/model of your monitor ?
  6. Thanks Youngster, it's a Sony Vio, VGN - SZ650N. I've actually tried using different cords and different monitors, I've also tried going direct from the monitor to the laptop & monitor to docking station with the same results. I'm suspecting it's the software or setting but can't figure out which. Again, all drivers have been downloaded for the monitor.
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