best and quietest heatsink for 2800xp...please ?

i just put together a new system with a A7N8X mobo, 2800xp
3 sticks of corsair 3200pc 512 each, 2 80 giga drive 8mb from maxtor and a zalman 6000 flower....everything it's working beautiful but, the cpu temp is a 75c with full load....i believe its too much !!!
wich one would be the best cooler for my system ?
i psu is a enermax 450 watts...and i have a new Matrox parhelia video card...
thanx in advance for the suggestions...
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  1. Wow, I just built almost the same system:

    AMD Athlon XP 2700+
    ASUS A7N8X Deluxe
    512MB PC3200 Corsair XMS
    80GB 7200RPM Western Digital (8MB cache)

    Using the stock HSF, my CPU is about 50-50C and gets up to about 57C under stress and I thought mine was too hot. You must be freaking out at 75C! Well, I'm by no means a cooling expert, all I can do is point you to this article if you haven't already read it. Although I think as far as heatsink-fans go, best AND quietest is somewhat of an oxymoron :)
  2. some a7n8x's have faulty temperture sensors on them. Mine constantly reads about 80C in bios. Install asus probe that came with your driver cd and see what that says.
  3. Wellcome to the crazy would of CPU temp monitoring. Some pearls of wizdom you should understand.

    A. The temp you read on the screen is generated by an UNCALIBRATED sensor read by an UNCALIBRATED motherboard by a variable program. Thus it can vary wildly.
    B. 30 to 60C is the "average" what people get, though occasionaly its higher... my CPU for example runs at full load at 70 to 75C indicated, and has been as high as 86C. The REAL temp is much lower.

    Do the following foolproof check while the system is running or just after shutdown.

    Gently and carefully touch the sides of your heatsink. IF:

    A. The HS is cold, you have a contact problme and the cpu cant transfer its heat to the cooler properly. reseat it and reapply thermla paste.

    B. The heatsink is warm to hot, everything is fine and the reported temp is just wrong.

    C. If the heatsink is very hot, uncomfortable to your fingers, then you need a better cooling solution.

    THE END.

    <b>Anyone claiming they can see the difference
    between 450 and 500 FPS in Quake3 deserves to
    be severely beaten with a rock. :smile: </b>
  4. Doesn't Zalman make a metal bracket to mount a cooling fan over the flower heatsink? You might want to try one of those or get a thermalright slk-800 or 900 and stick an 80mm quiet fan, like a panaflow, on it.

    Yay, I'm a freakin' noob.
  5. thank you all guys...fiasko you were right....once i installed the probe......everything its a machine i
  6. Just curious, you said you have 3 sticks of 512MB DDR400 RAM, that makes a total of 1.5GB RAM. Gheez, that's a lot... what do you do with all these huge amount of RAM?

    My PC has gone to hell... because it's a killing machine...
  7. I also have an A7N8X and the BIOS says my CPU idles at around 50-52C, but ASUS Probe says its only at about 42-44C idle. Are you suggesting that the readings in ASUS Probe are more accurate than the BIOS?
  8. Yeah. Reach inside your case and touch your heatsink, see how hot it is. My onboard sensors are all jacked up, reading anywhere from 60-90C, when asus probe reads my system as about 48C. I think asus probe may be more accurate in this example.
  9. If that's true, I'll feel alot better about my temps. I wasn't too worried anyways. Even if it was in the 50s, as long as it didn't make it to the 60s I wasn't going to panic. But according to ASUS Probe I am in the mid to high 40s and that's plenty cool enough for me :)
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