Cannot Get Past Blue HP Bios Boot Screen

My computer gets stuck on the blue HP bios screen. Whenever I try to press buttons on my keyboard to get into the boot menu/bios options (F keys), they do not respond. I cleared the CMOS and tried it again to no avail. Then I removed the hard drive and voila: I was able to press the F Keys to get into the boot menu/bios settings etc. I put a recovery disc in my cd/dvd drive and chose to boot off the cd drive. A black screen then appeared saying "Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device". I pressed some buttons but the same message keeps appearing. Any help?
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  1. Looks like the boot drive (hard disk) is corrupt. Format it NTFS in a different computer connected as an external drive. The re-install it in your HP computer and use the re-installation CD to re-install the OS. Do this ONLY if the hard disk is in good condition. If not, replace the hard disk.
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