Help! Building new comp!

Hey well I finally got all my parts, and i was starting to put it together. Right now im using the p4 heatsink and fan that comes with it (retail package), and i put it on, but it seems loose. Is it supposed to be this loose? I put the little retention bars down like it said, and I got the little pieces in the plastic bar thing, but it still slides a little. Is it supposed to do this? What am i doing wrong? Thanks. Im right at this comp, and if anyone wants to help me in realtime, just im me on AIM. My name is: captain koomba

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  1. problem solved, so everyone knows


    <A HREF="" target="_new">mubla otohp eht ni ecaf ruoy teg</A>
  2. aint ya gonna tell us what was wrong?

    <b>Anyone claiming they can see the difference
    between 450 and 500 FPS in Quake3 deserves to
    be severely beaten with a rock. :smile: </b>
  3. lol, too embarrassed to mention what it was.
  4. didn't put the lever down eh !!!! :)

    Location..., Location...,Location !!!!
  5. FUNNY!
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