Acer Aspire 5100 & XP 64 bit - Is it possible?

Just wondering if anyone has got an Aspire 5100 working with XP 64 bit smoothly?

All the drivers on the Acer site are for XP 32 bit, but the processor is 64 bit so want to make the most of it?

Any suggestions, opinions?
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  1. I've read a post somewhere from someone who said they actually found all of the XP 64 drivers they were missing on the Acer website. I'm just about to make a switch from 32 to 64 and I'm looking for that info again... If I find it, I'll try to remember to come back and post.

    You will have to use the ATI Mobility Modder tool, for certain ( ), but when I did this in the past(don't ask... :P), I was able to find everything I needed on the web.
  2. I did source the drivers direct from the manufacturer of the individual components, they were not on the Acer website. Everest Ultimate was helpful for finding them.

    However, before I had chance to do it the laptop had a hardware failure so I bought a new one so won't be doing this.
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