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So I got a hdtv recently and i tried hooking it up to act as my monitor to watch movies on it using a dvi-d to hdmi cable and when i turn on my computer the display remains blank if its the only one plugged in but if i connect both my regular monitor and hdtv they both work setting the hdtv as the main display so i want to know why my hdtv will only work as a monitor if i dual screen it and my regular one

video card is a ati radeon 4600 series

hdtv is a emerson 32" hdtv
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  1. read the instructions and capabilities of your graphics card drivers.
    then read the capabilities of your specific graphics card.

    sounds like driver confusion and/or limitations of the graphics card.

    your probably didnt select the correct output, which is why the screen remains blank.
  2. could you go more indepth with that about the output its not the limitations of the card and im gonna mess with the driver controls later

    also why would it work perfectly fine (desktop shows up on the tv) if i hook it up dual screen but not by its self?
  3. probably something to do with having the 2nd output connected 'activates' an automatic function that sends an 'average' safe signal to the 2nd monitor.
    that might be specific to the 2nd output or it may be when there is a connection of both connectors that creates a circuit.

    go here and input the information and use something like 'second monitor' in the search pane.

    obviously if the graphics card isnt setting itself up to work with the hdtv on the first try.. there is no 'automatic' going on and that could be seen as a limitation.

    you havent messed with the driver controls yet?
    thats generally where the magic happens.

    i dont have any experience with ati drivers.. so i cant just briefly remember what you need to do.

    i'm guessing you need to select the appropriate output method and press apply.
    if your computer monitor doesnt support the same resolution/method.. you might lose all video output to the pc monitor.. but plugging in the hdtv should work if you plug it in.

    'auto' should be the default in the drivers.
    makes me think something else was selected manually.

    there are plenty of articles available.
    youtube also offers video tutorials.. such as this:

    help yourself begin.. and tell us you have tried and what step you got stuck on.

    its upsetting that you cant figure it out just by looking at the driver control panel.
    the only way i am going to continue helping is if you go into details about what you have done and what is missing.

    from your original post.. it looks like you have hooked up your hdtv to the main connection and it didnt work.
    then you hooked up the pc monitor to the first connection and the hdtv to the second connection and they both worked (the graphic cards 'auto' function)

    if you havent done anything more, the driver control panel is where you need to be.
    IF the driver control panel wont do what you want, try different drivers.

    its a standard that every setting has a pop-out window or something at the bottom to go into detail about what each setting does.
  4. ok i was messing with the ati catalyst control center to get the tv working but still no good

    followed this guide:

    found that the when i start up the computer from being powered off when its only plugged into the hdtv neither the mouse keyboard or any other peripherals work

    i cant how ever start up the computer dualscreen with my regular monitor and hdtv then unplug my regular monitor and the hdtv works fine as the sole monitor but it doesnt seem to recognize it if its just the hdtv plugged in

    EDIT: so i figured it might help if i updated my ccc and video drivers but now step four of the guide i posted above now has no configure button
  5. you have the option to 'force' detection.

    i read that here:

    and here:

    from tweakguides:
    'Troubleshoot: If you know your display device is capable of display modes such as 720p (720 horizontal lines progressive scan) and/or 1080i (1080 horizontal lines interlaced) then you can tick the relevant boxes here to add these modes to the Force button under the Displays Manager section. Do not select these modes if your display device is not capable of such resolutions (as most CRTs aren't), since attempting to use these resolutions may cause damage to your display device if not supported.'
  6. even if i tick the box my hdtv supports wont start up if its only the tv need some other solution besides forcing cause i did that in my third post and it did nothing
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