PC-camera face recognition

Actually it's similar to the face recognition but a little different.

So I've made a DIY LCD-Projector like in the cinema,so this thing is hooked up to my PC with a DVI cable and of course project's whatever is on the desktop.Picture is pretty big to be accurate it's (3,00x2,20 length x height meters).My idea is simple...make the pc-camera to search and react to a bright red spot from a laser pointer so that i can control the PC from a distance serving as a remote control,however i don't have the skills or the time to make this so i turn to you guys to try and make a software to have this work :??: .If someone out there can tell me a programing software and possibly finds a manual to it to at least try and make it myself though i dought that i will do my best. :)
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  1. This sounds like a senior design project for some college computer engineers. The software for this would need to be written from the ground up. Good luck with this, it will be hard to get help.
  2. Yea thanks,it IS going to be pretty hard so i just decided to buy a wireless keyboard and mouse :??:
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