Which mouse and keyboard?

Hi everyone.
I need to buy a new mouse and keyboard (not necessarily a combo) :
1. Both must have blue LEDs, the keyboard letters should be back-lit ( I sometimes type in the dark).
2. Both are for my gaming PC, therefore I appreciate gaming features, the mouse must be 5 click.
3. I must be able to set the mouse DPI to 1200, and preferably it can reach 2000 .
4. The keyboard must be full size (not mini) and have multimedia (especially volume control) buttons.
5. Here's where I need your experience the most: Both must have a solid reputation to last years of aggressive gaming and typing.
6. Budget: Preferably around than USD 120 or less.
7. Both are preferably wired, No matter USB or PS2.
Any advices are appreciated.
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  1. For keyboard you are pretty limited on blue backlight. You should look at the logitech g19 or g11 and a razer keyboard. In your budget it only allows the g11 or the razer. You could look at a razer or logitech g5 or g500 for a mouse.
  2. This is a great keyboard. I have the red backlit version

    Mice suggested above are decent.
  3. Is a blue backlight required? If so, then you're pretty limited in what you can get.

    Assuming that's not really a requirement, I'd suggest the Microsoft Sidewinder X6 and X8 combo. The Sidewinder X6 keyboard is great and pretty inexpensive as far as gaming keyboards go. It's got media functions, a red backlight that isn't hard on the eyes in the dark, and plenty of programmable keys. The X8 is a wireless mouse, and while I don't currently use it, it's a 5-button, also fairly inexpensive, and it's got a good 25 hour battery life.

    If a combo isn't required, I'd say look for the Logitech G9x or G500, or perhaps the Razer Deathadder. All meet your requirements, besides for the blue LED.
  4. Thanks everyone.
    I just came across microsoft razer Reclusa..Which fits most of my criteria..Does anyone know if this is a good KB?
  5. The Reclusa is a good keyboard. I don't know that it's the best for your purposes, but I would recommend it as well. Haven't used it in awhile though.
  6. @jamezrp
    Any cons/ drawbacks you experienced with it?
    I also need opinions about the cooler master storm sentinel advance.
  7. I wasn't too impressed with the keys. I thought they were smushy. Medium profile, mid-size keyboard. Otherwise, I can't recall.

    Don't know anything about the Cooler Master.
  8. Oh..I didn't expect such a quick response. Thanks!
    What do you mean by smushy keys? One more question: Is the back light even? Pictures are misleading in this regard.
  9. Like they aren't clicky, they don't give much feedback. You press, and at least to me, it gives very little of the "YES, I PUSHED THE BUTTON!" feeling.

    And as I recall, the backlight was even. It may have simmered off slightly in the center, but I don't remember finding any trouble with it at night.
  10. So what do you recommend? It looks like you dumped the Reclusa for another one. Which one?
  11. I didn't dump it, I test hardware for Tom's Guide (at the time, elsewhere). I ended up liking the G19 much better, and the X8 even more. For your specifications, I've heard great things about the Saitek Eclipse (III, I think it was). Have quite a few friends who use it and love it. Might want to look into that, though Saitek doesn't make them retail anymore, to my knowledge.

    So if you're looking for a retail board, do not go for Saitek's new Cyborg. It's junk.
  12. Thanks for your help. Appreciated. I'll look into Saitek.
    Can you help be with the mouse..I told you I was looking into the CM Storm Sentinel..What do you recommend?
  13. Once again, you've got me at a loss with Cooler Master. I'm actually working on an article for gaming mice, hopefully to go live next week. I'm not done testing, but right now, Logitech's G500 is great. If you don't mind age, I highly recommend the SteelSeries Ikari Laser (my favorite mouse released last year), or the newer Razer DeathAdder. Both are designed well and and very comfortable.

    Of course, if you were more specific with what you wanted in a mouse, I could be of more assistance.
  14. aford10 said:
    This is a great keyboard. I have the red backlit version

    Mice suggested above are decent.

    @ Avatar
    You coulda saved yourself some time if you simply read what I posted a while back.
  15. Well actually I considered the deathadder and Habu..The reviews I read about the two made me believe the death adder is better ..But I don't trust its "infra-red" sensor..New technologies can be good, but can be disasters as well!. What do you think?
    I also noticed that both, as well as most Razer mice, have large right and left click buttons..Will this make them uncomfortable in gaming?
  16. @ aford10:
    I actually read it! I know it's very popular But I didn't like the way Saitek II looks..Today I meant I'm gonna look into Saitek III and see if it's available for retail.
  17. The DeathAdder is probably Razer's best mouse out right now. I haven't tested the Mamba or Orochi, or their recently released Abyssus, but the DeathAdder is basically their bulwark mouse. It does everything pretty damn well, and I've been more than impressed with it.

    I personally liked the Ikari Laser better, because I found the design more suited to my hand. I like the G500 better because of it's design and because I love the frictionless wheel it has. That'a personal preference though. Without a doubt the DeathAdder is an excellent mouse, and I couldn't recommend it more unless you need something with more than 3500DPI.

    Which, mind you, is already insanely high. The fact that half the mice I'm testing do 5600/5700 is just ridiculous.
  18. The Razer website says the DeathAdder has 3500 DPI, while the retail box says 1800DPI..The latter is confirmed by many ppl.. I guess 1800DPI is more than enough for my 21.5" 1920x1080 display..But I'm confused which one is true..

    "The DeathAdder is probably Razer's best mouse out right now"
    Yeah.. And it has the best look that caught my eye on their site!!
  19. On their website, if you hover over mice, then the deathadder, there are two options, the mac and PC version. PC version is 3500 DPI. Though realistically both work on both Macs and PCs, so I don't know why there's a difference.

    And 1800DPI is probably fine for your screen...I personally use 2000DPI and have a 22" and 24" display hooked up. I recommend at least 3200DPI on a mouse right now, because I've found myself using it, even infrequently. Most people don't have more screen space than I do, and still more only play with one monitor at a time, myself included. 1800 could be fine, but there's no room for growth with it.
  20. I currently use a generic $18 5-click mouse with 1000dpi only!! I got used to it, but it started to show its age after 2 years of aggressive use!
    I believe it'll take time to get used to higher dpi, but then there'll be no turning back! What I really need is a durable mouse since I don't want to spend ~120-150 USD on peripherals every year or so..I really appreciate your help..
    @ aford10 :
    I'm currently investigating Saitek III..It looks promising but unfortunately expensive..We'll see.
  21. @ jamezrp:
    "I'm actually working on an article for gaming mice, hopefully to go live next week"
    "I test hardware for Tom's Guide (at the time, elsewhere)"
    Which site will have your article?
  22. avatar_raq said:
    @ jamezrp:
    "I'm actually working on an article for gaming mice, hopefully to go live next week"
    "I test hardware for Tom's Guide (at the time, elsewhere)"
    Which site will have your article?

    Tom's Guide. You'll see it on the Tom's Guide section on Tom's Hardware as well. Should be live in a week or two, so stay tuned!
  23. I bought the DeathAdder for ~ 50 USD.
    Guys I have another question: Do I have to buy a pad for it? I use my current mouse on the wooden surface of my table..It's very smooth and polished..But I don't know if it'll shorten the life of the Adder's feet or not. I need your opinion.
  24. You don't have to, but I actually don't know for certain. I currently use the razer Sphex, though my table is smooth and flat. I never used to use one, but Razer sent me a Sphex, and it was really thin, and made mouse movement a bit smoother.

    It's really your call on this one. There's no right answer.
  25. Most mousepads I came across retail online for 15-40 USD, which is too much to spend on a thing of questionable value. Say I decided to buy a pad, do you know of a good one priced more reasonably?
  26. $15 is a good price for a mousepad, though size matters of course. If you just use the mouse with your wrist, small is fine (thus cheap). If you wave it around like a raging lunatic of pro gamer, then you'll want a bigger, expensive one. Sphex is a good deal, i think only $20, but you can look into sets by steelseries as well. There are a few other companies, but like I said, mousepads aren't my strong suit.
  27. Razerzone.com lists Sphex for 15 USD..I think this is as cheap as it gets!
    @ jamezrp:
    Thanks a lot. You are the best.
  28. I really like the Logitech MX 1000. I know it isn't a pure gamers mouse but it feels great and has a nice weight. My only complaint is that the metal charging connections are wearing out. It's getting harder and harder to charge.

    Here's a pic of the beauty:
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