What is wrong when TV picture with no sound when attached to cable box using TV

I have a simple flat screen Toshiba TV that gets its signal from a Rogers TV cable box. The sound is normally from the TV speakers so no external amp or speakers to worry about. The muting is off and all the sound settings appear to be as they should. Picture fine but no sound. Any ideas?

Thank you

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  1. sure..

    try a different source connected to the same input jack on the television.
    if there is no audio, its the television.

    you could try a different input on the television to see if there is any audio.
    perhaps using the RCA jacks for audio input will work.

    you need to know if its the cable box or the television.
    and the best way to test the television is to hookup something else with more than one method.
    because maybe the cable input is broken but the television amplifier and speakers still work with the RCA audio input jacks.

    probably a really good reason to hunt down an old VCR
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