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Does this type of camera exist?

Is there a portable camera that exists where it is password protected? A word to describe it would be "tamper-proof" so if someone were to get a hold on the camera they wouldn't be able to view any files, use it in anyway, or even access it from a computer. It would even be better if the camera is rugged so anyone trying to destroy it would fail so. I know smartphones sound like an option but they can be hacked into easily.
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    the ricoh g700 is the only password protected camera exist.
  2. Interesting that there is no option to encrypt a camera storage for use in the camera, or lock it from use. Sounds like a great and fairly easy feature to have.

    About destroying it, how rugged do you think they would have to make it to protect it from something as simple as a hammer? It would have to be made so heavy that you'd not want to lift it to take a picture.
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