Please help, I am having issue with my Microphone input, I can hear the voice of the person that I am chating with, he Can't hear my Voice and tried to troubleshoot as the following:

Control Panel- sound - Recording tab (it shows only 2 Microphones and both are enable)

Control Panel - Device Manager - Sound, Video and game controllers ( it shows 2 High Definition Audio Device) and there is no yellow mark on them, and also did uninstal and install nothing change, the same issue.

Control Panel - When I click on Start Speech Reconition & Set up microphone, it shows that No audio input device found.

I also tried to update the drivers again and again, but still the same issue.

Thanks in advance,

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  1. Did you make sure the mic is plugged into the right port, and try with a different one?
  2. what OS are you using?
    is the mic HD capable? some software is really picky
    is the mic analog or USB?
    If USB have you tried manufacturer drivers instead of stock Windows drivers?
  3. When you go into recording did you try to turn the volume all the way up and see if they could hear you? I had that problem before.
  4. This is long, but I help a lot of people with setting up their mics for ventrilo, and as long as I make sense, following the steps should fix your problem.

    In Windows Vista/7, the Recording tab under audio devices will show the audio level the mic is picking up in a bar to the left of the device.

    If you see this bar moving when you yell at your mic, you know which mic you are using and how much of your yellling it is picking up. Set that mic as the default recording device. Go into it's properties, and click "listen to this device" (be sure to disable this later), apply and talk, can you hear yourself? Check the volume level of the device in the other tab, turn it all the way up (later, in your voip you can adjust the volume to an appropriate level, but keep windows at 100%, always).

    If you don't see the green bar when yelling, check each device, and make sure it isn't muted (ensure both line in and mic are unmuted and at 100%). Also check the microphone itself and make sure it is not muted (most have a mute switch). Check any other windows volume configuration pages you can fine, enabling microphone and line in.
    If it still isn't working, try plugging it into a different port; usually an analog audio microphone jack is pink in color, but not always, once you've enabled all your volumes and enabled "listen to this device", you can pretty easily move your audio plug around while muttering to yourself; if you hear yourself in the headset then you've found the right plug.

    Once you've got windows recognizing the audio device and you know it works, you'll have to configure your voip software to use the correct audio device (or set the working device as default and restart the voip program) and configure it's volume and activation settings (some use push to talk, others use a volume threshold, while others hide all the configuration options).
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