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Transplanting of parts

Hey everyone,
Ok so I currently have a Dell Studio XPS 7100 and want to upgrade the PSU to a larger 850W source. My problem is that the current case is too small to fit one. Is it possible to transplant all the parts from the current case to a new larger one. I am mostly worried about the motherboard as I have heard they don't fit in custom cases, but any help would be appreciated. I can supply any other info you may need.
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    Welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums!

    Yes you can do what you are thinking of doing. The Studio XPS 7100 has an ATX case, and the motherboard and components will fit into a standard ATX Mid tower case.

    Dell is known for having non-standard mounting systems, and you will have to ensure that the motherboard stand-offs match the pattern in your new case. If not, you may have to drill and tap a few holes; not too difficult to do.

    If you add fans, 'daisy-chain' connect them directly to the PSU using Molex connectors.

    If you need specific guidance, please ask.
  2. Thanks for your response. I ended up buying a new motherboard anyway as I wanted a better one, however everything else moved smoothly.
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