What camera is best sony or canon

what camera is best
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  1. Canon and Nikon is commonly used by professionals while Sony rarely is. I personally do not like them but they are certainly good.
    for still point and shoot cameras they are comparable
    for DSLRS canon will win due to lenses, features and, build quality.
    dslr video on canon cameras is amazing and unmatched.
    for pro level camcorders broadcast level video cameras, sony and canon are comparable.
    for high end motion picture production, sony wins clearly but they are much more expensive.

    when it comes to a DSLR or Point and shoot. go to the store and take an hour or so and really experience the cameras. you should find one that really"works" with you. buy that one. if you like the interface of a sony get the sony same with the canon, unless you are doing dslr video then get a canon without a doubt.
  2. henry_25 said:
    what camera is best

    What would you like to do with the camera, and what is your current level of expertise?
  3. that right,ou can easily carry this camera with you. thanks
  4. I'd say go with Nikon as most professionals use Nikon or Canon.

  5. Nikon & Canon

    not Nikon & Sony

    I shoot Nikon, friends shoot Nikon and Canon, family shoot Canon.

    The verdict: Either of the 2 I mentioned are both good, with ups and downs compared to lens choices ect.

    Nikon is more expensive as it stands yet Canon has a larger arsenal.

    Nikon has more Megapixels at this point in time, it's argued that Canon has faster glass... So there are naturally pro's and cons.

    I like my Nikon, even though I initially wanted a Canon myself.

  6. Hello,
    Every camera of a renowned brand is good. Sony, Nikon, Canon all are excellent. But i personally is in fond of canon. As because price is reasonable, canon has EOS DLSR cameras which is outstanding, it also has EOS academy from where we can learn photography as well.
    I bought from Canon online authorized dealer: http://www.imagestore.co.in/canon-cameras-india.html
  7. I am with Nikon, the most famous brand and best for professionals..
  8. I use Nikons exclusively for many years - going back to the F2. I still have F2 lenses perfectly usable optics-wise in the latest DSLRs (compensate for image size).
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