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Which of these two PII processors is better?

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February 13, 2003 9:07:27 PM

Here sitting next to me are two Intel PII 350mhz processors - both OEM. One of them has a large heatsink on it (heavy) and the cache chips here are heatsinked aswell. The other one honly half the casing, the text is smaller, and the heatsink is much smaller/lighter (yet looks more effective) and the cache chips rated at 4.4ns (225mhz -running at 175) arent heatsinked. Here are the intel spec sheets for the two:

#1 - smaller/lighter <A HREF="" target="_new">;/A>

#2 - Bigger/heatsinked cache - <A HREF="" target="_new">;/A>

The second one is a later stepping, and seems to run cooler due to the smaller heatsink. it also seems to have the bett cache.

Now if I plan on overclocking one of these.. which would be likely to produce a better overclock?

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February 13, 2003 10:26:55 PM

in my expeirence as far as overclocking goes with older CPU's, whichever one works at the highest speed is the best overclocker :wink: . you would probably want to try with the cooler one first just because it runs cooler at stock speed

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February 14, 2003 5:07:23 AM

The one with the faster cache will overclock farther. In fact, 225MHz cache would allow you a clock speed of 450MHz. This was common near the end of PII production. At the stock 3.5x multiplier (most likely locked), you could potentially get your CPU to 466MHz at 133MHz bus speed (most BX chipset boards have a 1/4 PCI divider), you'll probably need around 2.2v.

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February 14, 2003 5:58:21 AM

Hmmm... considering the other cache is heatsinked its probably already running at full spec I suppose. Thx Crash, ill get working on that one later.

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February 14, 2003 4:23:54 PM

WOOOHOOO!!! I got this thing running stable at 467mhz (133x3.5, as high as my board will g) passively cooled and at stock voltage. Now all I need is that BH6 to push it to 600 :smile: looks like this is gonna run my game server. I just wish I could push it further, Anyone in UK got an Abit BH6 they wish to sell?

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February 14, 2003 4:27:34 PM

ull never get a PII 350 no matter what motherboard to 600MHz...

Its not even worth the attempt.......ud have a bus speed of like what ?? 172Mhz ???

I dont see that happening..............

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February 15, 2003 1:40:39 PM

OK, maybe it was a little overexagerated. However I do reckon I can push it higher with a better board. I am currently limited to 133FSB by my board, and considering its all perfectly stable at this speed at 2v I reckon with a bit more voltage it could certainly got higher.

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