Old reciever and an mp3?

Hey all sorry if this is in the wrong section but it seems to fit. I'm trying to find a way to run an mp3 player through a Yamaha Natural Sound stereo reciever R-1000 circa 1981-83 who's sound quality is leaps and bounds better than that off of my computer speakers. its damn near impossible to get at the inputs so i need to make sure i have the right hardware before i make another go at hooking this up. I can see 2 lines in (R-L) & 2 lines out (R-L) off of the back of a cd player which is easier to get at. i have a 3.5 mm to L-R audio jack for mp3 players. all i need to do to is plug the L-R audio jacks into open inputs right? Do i need to worry about the 2 outputs?
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  1. If you fit an RCA to Walkman mini jack adapter (from Radio Shack) to the cables that would normally go from the cd player to the receiver's AUX or Tape In socket you should be able to listen to the MP3's output.

    Keep the MP3 player's volume low when first connecting -- as the output is intended to drive headphones (normally much higher than the output of your CD player).
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