Why cant i vew photos from sd card

good day im having a problem viewing my photos on my pc
when i view the photos on my camera then i can see them but when i try to view them on the pc it does not pick the sd card up so now i have no way of transferring them to any other device
please help :cry:
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  1. Do you mean you connect the camera to the PC and your camera don't show up on the PC ?

    Take your SD card out and put it into the card reader if you have one.

    Or if you have win7 in your PC, win7 don't support some model camera, you have to do: go to menu( in your camera)> communicantion>chose the PTP (default is normal). After then connect the camera into the PC, now your PC will recognize your camera.
  2. the camera is not the problem if i plug the camera into the pc i can view the photos stored on the cameras memory but not on the sd card when i unplug the camera then only can i view the photos on the sd card.if i put the card in a card reader nothing appears on the computer i've tryed the lock switch on the sd card it makes no difference
    please assist
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