Would like to get a PMP, but which?

Hello guys, its been a long time...now I m back around for a while.

To the point of this (the real reason)

current situation
I Do road cycling as a hobbie and I will start to be about quite a bit this summer so I need something to keep me entertained, So I thought I ll get a decent phone, I chose the W995 it has everything I want, however I quickly learnt the screen size/res is a little small for videos, the sound quality is phone, for a phone however battery life is not. It seems to only have a 10-20 hour audio playback depending on format, volume etc. This might be a problem on longer rides particularly when I have to start using GPS etc it will soon knock the hell out the battery. Its a phone at the end of the day last thing i want is for it to go dead on me while out training, its not the best situation to be in, also its my GPS (as i can have free internet :p if I top up with enough).

what I would like
I would like a PMP( personal media player) now I know you think thats a little over the top considering its for training mostly, well not at all..as its not just for training its for when I m on a bus/train or just out and about. I have the budget of about £150 I may be able to go £160 not including new headset (which I can use on my phone in case fool here forgets to charge the PMP)
I would like a screen size of about 3.0 inches with quite a high res screen, it will be a touch screen if I like it or not.
I also want a PMP that has good sound quality ( that is better than IPod)

So far I got it to these players, I will consider others that does include the Ipod touch itself as that would be very handy with a dongle if my phone dies.

Samsung P3 (black as I think the P3 in silver looks a bit girly) The P3 is slim, and from the looks of it has a amazing screen, also it has a "fun" interface and generally has alot going for it
Cowon S9 - best sound on the market so they say, open OS so I can customise the interface to my own tastes, superb screen, and great battery life
Sony walkman X ( i know it does not have bluetooth) built in noise cancelling(but don't work without its own headset) awesome interface, great screen and batterly life

Like I said i would consider other PMPs if you back your end up, SO which one of these, I would like owners of the following to like give a mini review as well, I can't really chose based on customer ratings they are all very high and Avg about the same

thank you for your time
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  1. Guys I know I got it sorted

    I just need mini reviews of the once of thoughts of inc the Ipod anyone own any of these I bet you do.
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