Help with earphones plz

OK guys i have a job where i have to wear earplugs so im trying to come up with a way to find some tiny earphones and maybe put them inside the earplugs and run the wires up under my hat into my mp3 player also it is noisy at my job so i want to still block that noise out so its not bad for my ears.

If anyone has done this or knows where to find somthing like this or the tiny earphones plz tell me. thx
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  1. Earphone fits in earplug, no such thing man...
  2. Perhaps just plain noise cancelling ones would work.

    In ear ones which use foam buds would also provide a decent seal.
  3. I'd like to find a way to put them inside some ear plugs or somthing cause i would get in trouble for having them so need a way to make them look like ear plugs lol
  4. If you got some old-fashioned full size ear defenders (about the size of pilot's headphones) you could easily wear some earbud-type phones under them.
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