Clevo d900t wireless problems

I have a clevo d9oot laptop with a inprocom 802.11G, 88-d90t2-10 wireless card. It shows up in the divice manager, the driver is installed, and the device is working correctly...But ... It wont connect to my wireless connection and I need help! I need to find out how to set up the wireless card, and find out what to do to get it to recognise my wireless connection. Also is there any other brand of card that might work on my laptop? please respond to . Thank you!
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    Is it an Intel wireless card or one with their chipset ?

    Identify which model/chipset more precisely than you have here and look for a more recent driver on the Intel site.

    If not Intel, look on the laptop manufacturer's site.
  2. As it turns out, the problem was with the card it self! I just happened to take a card out of a different laptop, and it worked. So I ordered a different card from ebay and it also worked in my laptop. Problem solved. the one that came with the laptop with the railink chip set went into the trash! Thank You for your quick response!
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