Repair ethernet and moniter ports after power surge

Lightning blew out my ethernet and moniter ports.How can I fix it?Thank you
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  1. Welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums!

    In all likelihood, the motherboard is fried too. How did you determine that just the Ethernet and monitor ports are bad?
  2. The ethernet and moniter connections are dead.Moniter is no signal and the flashing LED that indicates the ethernet is working does not flash.Also the flashing light beside the" power on' light that indicates computer activity is dead too.I did check the power unit and everything is ok there.I might also add that the lightning hit the television cable outside and traveled thru the modem into my desktop through the ethernet connection.The modem was ruined.In all probability the usb ports are dead too.I just was wondering if there is a quick fix for this or a systamatic procedure to find the bad part and replace.I do thank you for answering.
  3. Yes there is a systematic way to trouble-shoot. Just treat this as a new build and follow the checklist. Here it is:

    I really think that the motherboard needs replacement, and this would be the place to start.

    However, if too many major parts need replacement, start thinking of a new build. Salvage whatever components you can from the fried computer.
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