New Asus N61JQ ???

Hi all,
Anyone has the new Asus N61JQ ( i7-720QM HD5730M)?
I haven't seen any reviews from this new model and no info for the ATI HD5730M that builts-in.
Any suggestions about this laptop?

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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums :)
    I don't think its out yet,but i think HD 5730 is a mid-low end card.
    But since the real benchmarks aren't out yet,i can't give an 100% accurate answer
  2. Actually the N61JQ has been ringing my mind for a couple of weeks as it has everything that I need except the resolution but has the perfect price.

    You can compare the 5730 benchmarks to the 5650 which has a similar architecture but frequencies are variable where in the 5730 are fixed to the max of the 5650.

    You should expect the 5730 be a bit better than the 5650 but they have similar if not the same architecture and a bit of more power consumption.

    I saw some one good benchmark list here:

    It has lot's of benchmarks of different games.
  3. HD 5730 should be 10-25% better than HD 4670 and 50% better than HD 4650 and GT 240M. Apparently, HD 5730 is somewhat similar in power to the desktop GeForce 8800GTS 512 (G92).
  4. Battery life is 2hrs11min on power save, but why complain
  5. I'm currently waiting for the N61Jv to be released in Denmark at a price that matches that of the JQ.

    Can anyone recommend a retailer in europe or UK who might have the JQ on stock?
  6. My review of the Asus N61JQ-A1 that I bought 3 days ago:

    The good:
    well spaced and intuitively spaced keys.
    extremely quiet running on all power modes.
    stunning display despite very glossy screen.
    terrific sound when used with external speakers.
    beautiful, almost suede-like feel around the keyboard area, and impossible to leave fingerprints.
    aesthetically beautiful laptop.
    dvd tray, while not slot load, is very sturdy.
    Lightweight for a 16" laptop at just under 5 pounds.
    touchpad is large and fantastic, with options to turn off features you don't want.

    The bad:
    sound is horrible without external speakers, no bass whatsoever.
    no latch on the screen/lid.
    keyboard has significant flex on the left side and a tinny sound when typing.
    widescreen display, while 16" and terrific for movies, looks quite short & squat.

    The fundamentals of this laptop are there - the display, the hard drive, the processor, motherboard, etc.
    The beefs I have listed above, are likely all things I will get used to in time, and I know I'm being super picky.
    The things I am most unhappy with are that the screen is SO glossy (and admittedly I am a fan of matte screens) but this one is so glossy that I could literally apply make up in the reflection.
    The sound is what was the most disappointing. I wanted a laptop that would sound great on its own without external speakers and I thought that's what I was getting with this one. But I was crushed to listen to this laptop the first time. But then while researching to see if there was a setting I was missing or if other users had the same complaint, I ended up reading that this laptop was MEANT to be used with a subwoofer, and that the speakers that are built in are basically just satellite tweeters. So I plugged in my USB 2 watt Logitech mini's in and WOW!!! what a difference! The sound is fabulous with even just these super basic speakers so I will just have to resign myself to having to use external speakers whenever I "listen" to this laptop. The sounds really is so incredible with external speakers that I have instantly forgiven (and forgotten) ASUS for making this laptop the way they did.
    The keyboard does not feel very solid, and while it doesn't feel at all defective, there is a bit more flex to it then I am used to. The tinny sound when typing doesn't lend itself to suggesting it's solidity, but I am chalking this up to it just being unfamiliar.
    The touchpad, will all the defaults in place gets in the way when typing, and wayward thumbs have sent documents I am working on into maximum, minimize and basically all over the place. Takes some getting used to.
    I have no plans to use this laptop for gaming. Just music and movies, internet and document management, and while unhappy at first, I am warming to this laptop and am sure I will get used to the things I am fussing about now.
    The addition of the USB 3.0 is a plus, except that there is nothing out there yet that is compatible without being extremely overpriced, so I will have to wait and see how I like this feature.
  7. varduefr said:
    Hi all,
    Anyone has the new Asus N61JQ ( i7-720QM HD5730M)?
    I haven't seen any reviews from this new model and no info for the ATI HD5730M that builts-in.
    Any suggestions about this laptop?


    I just bought it. I posted a review on
  8. I just bought the Asus N61JQ.

    At the first minute I used the laptop, I noticed that the so called "chocolate buttons" of the keyboard were very loose and gave me a feeling of insecure. The sound generated by these loose buttons was extremely annoying.

    It seems that the designers, engineerers, and/or the quality controllers of Asus should endeavour and diligent enough to build a quality product with good craftmanship.
  9. I recently purchased this as a replacement for my HP Pavilion.
    I agree with leese27 on the good and bad concerning this laptop. I would like to a couple more "bad".

    The landing/wrist rest area is a little over an inch smaller than my Pavilion making typing for any length of time a major strain on my wrists. The location of the keyboard, for me is awkward. I do a lot of typing with the computer on my lap.
    I'm almost temped to return it just because of the pain in typing.
    Also the glossy exterior and screen, however pretty, shows every fingerprint.

    A plus is the facial recognition used for logging in. It works most of the time as long as the background is similar to when the facial snapshot was taken.

    I have not had any problem with flex in the keyboard, though. And since this is a widescreen, websites do look squatty and sometimes smaller than my standard 15.6 screen.
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