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I can view pictures on the camera but can not download them on the computer.

Hi All,

I have a Canon S3 camera with SD card. I have around 980 pictures on a 4GB card (1050 makes it full). I can see pictures on camera, but can not download it.

When i connect my camera to laptop, camera is recognized and it shows 100 MB of free space out of 4 GB, but does not show any pictures and does not download any pictures from camera. I bought a new card reader and tried with it with same issue.

I have also tried couple of other laptops with inbuilt reader and using USB/external readers with the same issue.

Looking for your help to resolve it.
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    Use one of them ( Top 5 free photo recoverery software )to recovery your photos:
  2. Thank you Cin for the softwares. I was able to download images using ZAR and CR softwares.

    However, most of the pictures seems to be corrupted. They look perfect in windows explorer, but when i try to view the picture by double clicking them, the picture comes all jumbled up. I see 20% of the picture and rest of the picture is covered in broad colored bands. Does anyone have any idea about this issue and how i can retrieve proper pictures?
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