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Phone call from "microsoft" Scam

Got a phone call today from "microsoft" saying that my computer was loaded with corrupt prefetch files. :pfff:
I just played along and told them to call again later. i was not asked to install anything or to lend control of my PC to someone else. I have a very strong feeling that these guys are scammers.
anything I should do?
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  1. depend of how much time you have, and if they start calling you 2am in the morning.
  2. luckily i did not give out any information but is there any way i can record the phone call so I can report it to my local authorities. I did not receive this an a email it was a phone call should i also call my ISP/ phone provider? thanks for the info
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  4. Are they still playing this one, not had one of those for months.
  5. hey thanks guys. I appreciate the help. il try and take down the # and report to my local police. maybe my phone provider can get the #.
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