Wierd problem booting up.

I have an Athlon 2400+, 512 Mb DDR ram, with a GeForce4 ti4200 128mg and a hercules gametheatre xp 7.1.
got it around two weeks ago, and its been running pretty well, until about three days ago. I had installed my scanner and webcam the day before, and I reset it only for it to freeze on the 'checking NVRAM...' line in the startup. Terrified that my precious was actually a box of [-peep-], I reset it three or four times: the same thing happened. Wondering if it had overheated (it runs upward of 50-55 C all the time - is that too high? its been past 60 a fair amount), I let it cool off for a while, and reset it half an hour later, and it worked.
So I thought it was all okay, resolved to buy another fan, and went back to playing warcraft 3. the next day, the same happened. after letting it cool off, it still wouldn't boot. So I unplugged some of my usb periferals, figuring that maybe I didn't have enough power.
Sure enough, it booted. When it happened again, I unplugged my external gametheatre soundcard, and that also got the thing started.
Today, it happened, and no amount of unplugging could get the bastard started. took out the power cable and my usb periferals, and went out for the afternoon. it turned on fine this evening.
Any ideas? What is the NVRAM, anyways? is my videocard [-peep-]? should I get a bigger power supply (its only a 300W) or another fan? whats up with my comp?
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  1. hummm....i think i've experienced the similar problem. it only happens when u change or install some new hardware in your computer, the system locks up at the bootup screen after checking ram. i think you suppose to choose an option in bios called "clear NVRAM" prior to the installation of the new hardwares. if you happens to forget, and gets the lock up at bootup, you need to clear Cmos memory, and hopefully, it'll work after.
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