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The school is giving me permission to upgrade the digital camera. I have taken some really good shots with my Olympus Camedia C-2100 with 10x optical zoom. However, there are certain impossible situations with this camera, like trying to take photos at sports events (need a zoom capable of giving me a good shot of the kid's face from across the width of the soccer field) or during a play or other indoor performance (when I would rather NOT have to make a spectacle of myself just to get a decent shot).

My not-so-small work Olympus and my personal Nikon coolpix (15x optical zoom) is the extent of my digital camera experience. I think there is a whole "next level" of cameras of which I know nothing. Advice?
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  1. What is the budget?
  2. revolution2718 said:
    What is the budget?

    Not sure...thinking they are willing to entertain give or take a grand.
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    wow, one grand budget, thats awesome.
    and your set for life.
  4. blade of grass said:
    wow, one grand budget, thats awesome.
    and your set for life.

    Ok, so what's the difference between the D90 and say the D3100 or 5100? (I've been doing a little research. Best Buy is offering 3100 and 5100 in various bundle deals.)
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