I need your help, hardware issue with easynote laptop


I have recently had to replace a surround on a packard bell easynote TM89 laptop, it is called the upper cover, covering the speakers, keyboard surround, trackpad and trackpad buttons. I have re-assembled the laptop but now the keyboard is only working in certain parts and while the trackpad itself works fine, the button bar underneath isnt working, ive tried every possible solution to get them working again but i am at a loss. the keyboard seems to work then not, the trackpad buttons stopped working the minute i put it back together, please help!!!!
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  1. Welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums!

    Start over! Some connector is loose.

    Carefully re-assemble the parts and try out before you put all the components back in the case. If it works in this open position, it means that some connector got unplugged while you were putting everything back into the case.
  2. Thanks!!

    Tried everything, rebuilt the laptop twice, the trackpad buttons are still not working and the keyboard seems to be getting worse, any ideas??
  3. Do the testing in a 'breadboard' state; with all the parts in an open condition, after making sure that all connectors are securely mated. (Do not put the laptop together; do not fully re-assemble).
  4. It sounds like the tracings inside are broken. The easynote does not have a very rugged assembly, I'd try to order a replacement upper-case online. If it works while in the "breadboard" state as ubrales said make sure no parts are being bent by internal cables. sometimes a little flex can cause a big problem
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