Dell XPS M1210 running like crud after OS reinstall

My laptop has been running slow and files were corrupting so i decided to delete the existing partition and reinstalled Windows Vista. I was hoping that would fix the problems i was having but my computer is still running slow. I've run CCleaner, Ad-aware SE, AVG anti-virus and a disk defrag. I'm wondering if my hard drive is failing. Also programs like AIM freeze up on me but firefox runs smooth as butter. It's as if some tasks use up all of the memory. I hope someone can offer some advice. Thanks
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  1. I'm inclined to think there's something wrong with your laptop's hard drive. Do you notice your hard disk being active all the time or something similar?
  2. Did the reinstall of Windows speed the system up at all?
    Did you reinstall all the drivers for the laptop?

    Beyond that you might go to PCPitSop and run the free, quick PC test and see if that isolates the problem. For one thing, it reports HD speed and for another also reviews drivers.

    Regarding your memory, is your computer slow just when multi-tasking or when on a single application?
    How much memory do you have?

    You can also run the free HD Tune software to check the health of your disk:
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