Panasonic to Release Safer Laptop Battery

The new standard-size battery design (pictured) makes use of a new metal oxide layer placed in between the battery's cathode and anode. Acting as an insulator, the new metal layer keeps the battery from overheating should it short-circuit.


None of my batteries have been recalled or blew up in my face, but it would be nice for us to hear less about exploding batteries, no?
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    I totally agree…. lots of batteries gets recalled back because of safety.

    Recently I heard this guy getting killed by his mobile phone, he was using the phone while it was connected to the mains power, the phone blew up on his face :??: .
  2. Errrr what?? Where did you read about that? :-o
  3. Well my brother told me about it, and he saw his pictures.

    But if you do a Google search you should find it.

    Here's a link of similar story "Exploding mobile phone kills Chinese man"

    And another story “Indian man fatally electrocuted while answering his charging cell phone”
  4. Here’s a Dell Mini melting down , most likely due to battery.
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