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i updated my processor from 1100 mhz amd to athlon xp 2000, i flashed the bios that went ok, the problem is most 3d games crash all the time, i put the 1100 chip back in and they all work fine with no system hangs, my system is a geeforce 2 64mb mx440, 256 mb sd ram pc133 , 20 gig hd, soundblaster 1024, 300 watt power supply, windows xp media edition, is it my agp card that isnt compatible with my xp chip ? was the step from 200mhz fsb to 266mhz fsb too much for it ? i dony know what else to do, ive checked dimms, flashed bios to current and installed latest agp drivers, im stuck ?
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  1. This may or may not help you, but there is a problem on some hardware combinations where the 3d drivers can lock up. The correction is to go into regedit, click your way into:

    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management]

    Edit or add the DWord value: LargePageMinimum and set it to FFFFFFFF (Hex).

    This apparently resolves a memory management issue in win2000 and XP.
  2. You need PC2100 DDR RAM with the AMD-XP2000+, which runs at 266FSB.

    What is the Motherboard?

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  3. While it is a good idea to have DDR whenever possible, it's not an absolute necessity. It depends on the chipset and motherboard. I have an xp1800+ (266fsb) running pc133 SDRam on a Gigabyte board and it works just fine.
  4. It's possible that your 300W power supply is nowhere near 300W, and that it simply doesn't provide enough voltage at that level of current.

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