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Hey, im a junior in college and looking to buy a new laptop to last me through the end of my college career which with graduate school could be another 3 to 4 years maybe 5 at the most, my recent computer suffered a damage from bad roommates, so I'm getting a new laptop a year later. I've narrowed down my search to the Dell studio 15, however they come with the option of two different processors. One with the AMD Turion Dual Core Processor RM-74 and the other the Intel Core 2 Duo T6600. I know a little about computers from my recent computer class but still not enough to make this decision. Could someone please help me and let me know how much of difference I would experience with the two different processors.

The Intel is a couple hundred more than the AMD and I'm not a big gamer on computers, too busy. I'm an accounting major at Memphis and love to listen to lots of good music. I just need a computer that performs well on the internet and all my spreadsheets with Microsoft Word and Excel and Access and any other programs or softwares I might upload to my computer that will be for accounting, music, internet, or storage purposes. Not completly just this basic stuff but definitely no need for high-end gaming needs or music recording or anything like that purposes.

Please help in making my decision and tell me which one would be better for me

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  1. You might want to get a smaller laptop. The Studio 15 is a bit big and may be too heavy for you to lug around. Unless you're planning to keep it on your desk most of the time?

    In any case, I'd suggest a smaller Dell Studio. There are 13- and 14-inch variants available, right?
  2. I dont mind the size, and yes actually i do plan on keeping it on my desk in my apartment mostly too and if I do have to take it with me, the size doesn't bother me... I just need to know which processor would be best
  3. In regards to your question about the two processors, for the applications that you will be using the computer for you will not notice much of a difference in the performance of the two processors. The AMD turion you are referring to above is almost equivalent to the performance you will receive from the Intel core 2 duo t6600. It's really when you start getting into the higher processor speeds that you would really notice a difference, and even then it would still depend on what applications you use your computer for.
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