Athlon XP 2000+ Temp

Just need some advice or info on my computers temps as informed by BIOS.

Asus A7V8X
2000+ XP @ 1.667
ATI 9500Pro
samsung 256 ddr333
Windows XP
350 power

My mobo is at 31C and my CPU is at 61C temps under light to medium loads. Also running stock AMD heatsink fan that came with cpu. Is this too hot just for doing some net surfing and small time gaming or is it really needed to invest in a better cooling unit? I run an exhaust fan in rear of case.
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  1. That's pretty hot. I start to worry when it gets over 60C. But if it's stable then it should be fine.

    Best suggestion: Add an intake fan to your case. If you drop you case temp by 5C you'll also drop your CPU temp by 5C.

    An excellent inexpensive CPU HSF is the Volcano 7+. You'll have to ask someone else abotu case fans though.

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  2. Wow... 61c? That's hot.

    First of all, I've never found the coolers supplied by AMD to be even close to adequate. I use Spire or Thermaltake instead. Bigger is better.

    The temperature you report is within the safety specs for your CPU, but heat is the enemy of all solid state electronics. It really is worth the money investing in a better heatsink and fan.

    Try this one...

    It keeps my xp1800+ at around 47c under normal use. It's never gone over 50c even under constant 100% use in win2k.

    I also suggest you get a temperature monitor proggy that will let you keep track of the temperature while you are using your system... MBPROBE is probably the best. Get it at

    Finally... I just finished posting an article in another thread ("Thermal Compound") about how I do heatsink and cpu preparation before installing them onto the motherboard. It may help you a little to read that as well.

    Good luck!
  3. Well alright then. That was all that need be said.
    Will search for new cooler and just use this stock fan to cool my old AMD. What are some truly good cooling brands from peoples own experiences?
    Thanks for your inputs!
  4. I recomend the Volcano 7+ once uve modded the Volcano 7's Fan and mounting bracket onto the 7+'s heatsink and u use the 7+'s fan's 3 speed switch....

    Ive got my comp under constant full load all the time running Seti@Home & Cure for Cancer plus playign MP3's, web surfing or mild gaming whatever....anywyas right now whiel chattign on ICQ< typing this..playing MP3
    s and running Seti & CFC my CPU Temp is at 35 degrees celcious.....see the thign is i have the fan speed on LOW right now i felt liek having it quite today i have a bad headache....but if i feel like cranking her up to full fan speed i can get an easy 30 Degrees celcious....BTW that's ona Thoroughbred 'A' 1800+ Athlon XP OC'd to 2000+.....stock voltage.....

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  5. I would go with the volcano 7+ as well, its very cheap and does a decent job. Those temps are definitly a little on the high side. I have an athlon xp 2000+ as well, and depending on the ambient temp., my cpu temp. is between 30-40c. You should definitly try to keep it below 50c, just because you never know how accurate the motherboard is reading the temperature. I try to allow about 10 degrees of leway, just in case.
  6. Or go up one more on the HSF and get the Volcano 9. Mine is keeping my AXP1500+@1667MHz at 30~34C under full load.

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  7. The Volcano 9 is in no way a step up from the 7+....infact it has identical cooling to the Volcano 7....the 7+ is miles above in cooling performance from the Volcano 9...HOWEVER the Volcano 9 IS quiter....

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  8. My AXP 2000+ w/stock HSF runs in the low to mid 50s with the case open on one side. No stability issues.

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  9. Well, I beg to differ. I bought the V7+ when it first came out. Aluminum w/ copper insert and a fan that was controlled by a thermal sensor dangling out in the open away from the HS.

    Then I saw the V7+ go to full copper HS. Well, that's fine and dandy, but the fan still looked kinda crappy in the setup.

    V9 now has same HS as the current V7, but uses the Smart Fan II that gives you 3 options:

    1. Set to run at full (ear splitting) speed.
    2. Thermal controlled with a sensor you can either place under the cpu or touching the die (like I had mine setup).
    3. Manual control with a rehostat. <---currently set this way.

    My temps on an XP1500+@1668MHz dropped from 48~52C down to 30~32C with the only thing changing was the HSF itself. So, I say it was definately a step UP. And my fan is set at 2800RPM's as opposed to the 3800~4500RPM's w/ the V7+.

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  10. Its fine that u beg to differ...ive owned all 3 at the same time...and im tellign u the 7+ is the best of the 3....

    See the Volcano 9 is a tad better than the Volcano 7....not Volcano 7+...notice i said the VOlcano 9 has similar coolign performance to the Volcano the 7 and 9 have the same heatsink...the 7+ has a totaly copper heatsink.....and if u dont think it makes a difference..than why does my CPU run much cooler with the 7+ than it did with ANY other Cooler ive tried?? Including the Retail....some CoolerMaster....a Volcano 7(non +), a Volcano 9....and the 7+ showed the best results......

    as for the fan on the 7+ being crappy....its not crappy....but its not the best...its a 70x70mm fan that spins up to 6000rpm pushing 49cfm.....its quite i mounted the fan off the regualr Volcano 7 which is 80x80mm....and now i can spin at highest speed which is 5000 rpm and push out 53cfm and its quiter and runs cooler the the regualr 7+'s fan would be........

    if u would liek give me ur e-mail address and ill e-mail u my screen captures showing u how well my cooling setup works....shows how logn my comp. ran for what its doing the CPU usage, the temps...voltages and fan speed......

    see my AXP 1800+ AXDA Thoroughbred 'A' overclocked to 2000+ with stock voltage runs at 29-30 degrees celcious with my Volcano 7+ with the Volcano 7's fan and set to FULL speed......tell me that isnt efective air cooling....

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  11. Read my last post a little more slowly:

    I bought the V7+ when it first came out. Aluminum w/ copper insert and a fan that was controlled by a thermal sensor dangling out in the open away from the HS.

    The 7+ I bought is worse than the V9 I upgraded to. Also, it could be a combination of the V9 and the AS3. I was using AS2.

    I'll send you screenies of my temps if you would like also, but let's not make this into a fanboy thread...well, that really isn't possible since we are both using Thermaltakes. ;)

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  12. When it comes to buying a CPU cooler it is best to find one that is copper. Copper does a better job of removing the heat from your CPU. By the way, does your motherboard have a sufficient chipset cooler. You can get some more performace if you cool the board as well. In my recomendation, if you want a good cooler for you CPU, I have a CoolJag cooler. Its similar to the fans that are supplied with the retail chips except that it is solid copper. At full speed and using 100% of my CPU my temps are below 50 degrees C. Running nominal functions and doing simple tasks it runs at around 39. They are a little less know brand because the products such as Volcano have been widely spread by word of mouth. Do your self some good and look into a good cooler. I will last you a long time. And also that THG has a resent article on CPU coolers. And if you want to do some more looking try they have some really good reviews.
  13. I would go with Thermalright SK-7 Heatsynk and a 8x8cm sylent FAN.
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