How install Router/Switch and server?

I want to install a network. Where can I find information for installing networks. How do I install a router and a swicthbox and a patchpanel. I don´t any idea of it and would like to have some advice to it. Where can I find the information on how to install it and how to manage it.
Any idea is welcome!


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  1. What do you currently have? And what are you trying to accomplish?

    e.g. Are you going to buy broadband (Cable/DSL)?
    How many PC's do you have?
    Are they located on different floors?

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  2. Hi,

    It is a futrue project. So there would be around 20 - 30 Pc´s connected to the server.
    It will have a big bandwith (min 2MB) as it will be used for public use.
    Yes, the Pc´s will be located on different floors. The server will be used to give the public advice and information.
    What I am very interested in is how to construct a rack with the switch panels, patch panels and router. Then how to put the cable. Which software to run on the server (pref. Windows and Access2000 for ASP website).

    Thx already
  3. this might help:

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  4. Thx lagger,

    that website just looks GREAT! I have found already some habdy tips about setting up a server. Now if only I could find how to set up a router ;-)
    I will take a look around some more there. A very good tip you gave me!
    Many thanks already!
  5. The Routers will differ between the brands as far as how they are set up. All you can do is look at reviews or ask friends who have one which they prefer, and then get the settings done according to that manufacturers specs..

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