Sony KV34HS510 vs. Sony KV34XBR910

I am about ti pick up an HDTV and have my choices down to two models Sony's KV34XBR910 and the KV34HS510.

The XBR910 is listed at $2499. I've seen it for as little as $1999. The HS510 is listed at $1999 but I can get it for $1500. What I want to know if I get the XBR would the image quality be worth $1000 more than the HS510?
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  1. I just got a XBR960 (the 910 replacemaent) I love the way it makes vcr stuff better as I do the majority of my watching timeshifting. I think this will change as I watch HD more.
  2. That's so wierd... I was thinking about getting the XBR too. Around me it is listed at $2,199. I have done alot of shopping and the XBR seems to be the best. Consumer reports reccomended it. If you want PIP 16:9 and 34, its the only answer for you. I'm saving up for it as we speak.
  3. Neither, get a Samsung
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