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i am connecting a samsung galaxy S phone to a desktop with windows 7. when it appears on the "my computer" window, it shows up as a drive.....which is fine but i need to know if it would also be considered a com port (i.e. com 1, 2,3, ect). if so, how do i find out whether it is on a com port or not? i assuming that it does consume a com port but i don't see it in "device manager" or anywhere else. maybe i'm totally wrong about this whole thing but i need and explanation or pls tell me how i find this info out.....the program i'm trying to work with looks for com ports, so for me to continue, i'm trying to make the phone appear on a com port. hope this makes sense, pls be kind, thks for any help and have a great day! :)
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  1. what program? usb is not a com port.
  2. ok, well, i feel kinda stupid.....its cdma workshop.
  3. either try the virtual com port or it does look like support usb.
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