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I am building a "lowish" end system for a co-worker. He is into some gaming, and wants some upgradeability. Budget is around 600.

Here is what I'm thinking:

Mobo: Biostar M7VIG Pro (Newegg $60)
CPU: Athlon XP 1700+ Tbred (Newegg $63 - retail)
Memory: 256 MB Crucial PC 2100 DDR (figure $40)
HDD: Western Digital 60 GB Drive ($70 locally)
Case: A Case (can be had for $60 locally with PSU)
Video: Abit Siluro GF4 4200 ($125 Newegg)
CDRW: A CDRW Drive ($20 with rebate-local deals)
Keyb/Mouse: MS Internet and Optical ($25 combined w rbt)
Flop: $15
Speakers: Just picked up Logitech Z340 for $25 at BB
Monitor: 17" Flat Screen CRT can be had for ~$100
Total Est: $633 sales tax included

Howzit look? Any ideas to make her cheaper? Also, this does not include OS. Add nother $90 for Win XP Home I guess. Which puts me bout $100 over range...

goldarn the pusherman
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  1. Looks OK, but just curious what brand CDRW are you going to be able to get for $20.00?

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  2. you've got a really cheap system there, i don't think you could save much more than that, except maybe with a smaller hard drive where you could save like $15 maybe
    you can get the chaintech ti 4200 from newegg for $110, it has no TV out if that's something he would ever use...with $8 shipping it only ends up saving $7 =/
    i bet you can get a cheaper case than $60 with PSU, i got a decent one at a computer show for $43 with a 350W generic, and that was even on the expensive side
    those are cuts you could think about making to save maybe 30-40, but you've really got it about as cheap as it will get


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  3. Look at SUnday retail flyers...Verbatim CDRW for $10 after rebates...Buslink 52x CDRW for $20 at 2 diff stores...there is a place to get a CDRW for $20 every weekend!!!

    goldarn the pusherman
  4. Other than the case, there isn't much that you can cut below this. I managed to get a mid tower with 14 fan holes (one filled), 330 watt generic PS (Global Win), and front USB for $40 with shipping on Ebay. Shop around locally for a bit and you'll likely find something good for around $40 and something cr@ppy (but cheep) for $20 or so.

    Of course, you can always get the "free" version of Win XP.

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