5.1 Audio System - low budget .. used?

hey guys,

Recently walked into a pawn-shop and came across a 5.1 surround system for about $160. Its a Pioneer "specially designed for xbox" SX-X360 or, HTP-GS1.
My question for you, I understand that this was not a critically acclaimed stereo system, and its not exactly going to be used as an x360 only system... So is this a good enough deal that its worth buying now, or should we look into the market for something new?

Usage wise, it would be for movies (likely out of a computer), and some PS3/X360 gaming.
Looking at something into the new market, a maximum price of 300, more likely around 200.

Thanks in advance
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  1. You can buy it NEW online for $170. And it looks like garbage. The only way it can possibly be designed for the 360, is looking like a 360...which is ugly enough by itself.

  2. is it just me or does the 5,1 pioneer hts-gs1 has sattelites that looks like the bose acoustimass 10?
  3. Be careful of the writings, even though it said DTS or Dolby Digital, it's only the decoder. The main output must be able deliver the sound discretely. Some old equipment can decode DTS or Dolby Digital but output is only surround and not a true 5.1, the purpose if this; it gives you the ability to watch surround DVDs but not really need to hear them right, which equate to cheap and simple solutions.
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