We recently bought a 46in SONIQ LCD TV. However whilst the TV is on any station, and at random times, the screen will 'blackout' for around two seconds then come back on. Has anyone else had this trouble and how do you fix it?
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  1. I've not heard many good things about Soniq HDTV's. I'd consult the manufacturer about the problem. And if it's still under warranty or any kind of satisfaction guarantee, I'd take it back and get a different brand.
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    Are you certain it's the TV and not from the source (cable or satellite feed)? Once you're certain, either return it to the place of purchase if you're within the allowed time or contact the manufacturer for a replacement. It sounds like a defective video processing chip or a partial short in a circuit board. Get it fixed or replaced while it's under warranty.

    Be aware, most replacements are refurbs and you then lose your original warranty, getting a 30, 60, or 90 day warranty on the refurb or repair. If it has a problem again, contact them IMMEDIATELY. Also, check your state's attorney general website (consumer protection division) or call them and check on your state's lemon laws. They usually only apply to cars, but some states also cover appliances and/or electronics. It's generally 3 repairs or problems within 6 months or a year, and the mfr. will be required to provide a brand new replacement at no charge (no shipping charges, etc).
  3. Thank you. Good advice
  4. Are you using an HDMI cable or Displayport cable?
    If you are, these cables cause the black blinking screen. There is a DRM chip in the graphics card of the video source as well as in the TV tuner. When signals going from one to the other don't synch up, this black blinking screen comes on. I have to use a VGA(D-sub) connector from my computer to TV, because the HDMI cable causes the black screen blinking.

    No other TV I tried the HDMI cable on has the Black screen blinking problem, so it is a problem with my TV's HDMI DRM chip/circuit synching correctly to the DRM signal sent from my computer's graphics card DRM chip.
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