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I have a 1 year old Canon Rebel EOS T3. Recently, I found that when I try to select several of the modes with the Mode Dial I cannot select all the options; i.e. when I select the Portrait Mode on the dial, the viewfinder shows options for the Creative Auto Mode.

The camera functions in the displayed mode and not in the selected mode. I have tried several set up settings and removed the batter. Is this a setting issue or do I need to have the camera repaired?

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  1. I have the T3i, one model up from yours and I have had this same problem before. Here's what I did. I went into my manual and read how to do a hard reset on the camera which reset the camera to factory defaults. So look through your manual in the index at the factory defaults/hard reset. Follow the prompts on how to do it and then report back if this is has fixed your problem.

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