Need urgent help with my pc

I have a dell Optiplex GX60.

A few days ago when I tried to log on to Windows, it wouldn't accept my password. After numerous tries it still wouldn't work. As I needed to use the pc urgently I installed Ubuntu for the time being. As the pc does not have a cd drive, I installed Windows 7 on a usb stick and booted from it. After installation I found out that the graphics card did not support Windows 7. So I tried Xp. After several times trying to install and several versions it still wouldn't work.

I need to be able to use windows xp on it or upgrade my graphics card for windows 7, but I dont know what to upgrade it to.


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  1. Hello, I'm confused as to what exactly your question is.

    If you need help with figuring out what the password is, we cannot help you with that, since we cannot verify the ownership of the pc. You're welcome to seek help with password bypass elsewhere.

    If you're asking what windows to install on your computer, well best one would be win 7, but if you say GPU doesn't support win7, win xp would be the next logical choice. Why can't you keep using Ubuntu anyway?

    If you're asking what GPU you need to run win7, well, that's a hard question, but basically you need to look at what your motherboard can handle. but some entry level dedicated card for $80 bucks should do the trick several times over. Alternatively you could upgrade to a newer processor that has an integrated GPU that supports win7. Nowadays intel GMA is good enough for general usage.
  2. What happens when you re-installed XP? Are you saying you could not log on after that or it would not install? Exactly what is going on with the setup when you try it?
  3. "A few days ago when I tried to log on to Windows" was that operating system Windows 7...?
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