Can't find disabled wireless network anywhere

So, a long time ago i had wireless, but after a while it stopped working that well so i switched to a Ethernet cable. I couldn't connect to it because it wouldn't show up so i disabled the wireless and then it connected.Now back to reality...

We now have fibre-optic so it's a lot faster so i tried to get my wireless signal back. Can't find it in the network and sharing centre, checked device manager as well. Have tried taking the Ethernet out to see if it would pop up but it hasn't.

Please can someone help me find the network?

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  1. name and model of your system
  2. Where is the wireless coming from (your router, WIMAX service, ect ???) And where is it going to ( wireless adapter, laptop, 2nd router set up as relay???)

    If you disabled it, it wouldn't show up in the network and connection center, you'd have to click the link on the left panel of the network and connection center that says "Configure adapters" or something along those lines. Then enable it in that menu.
  3. I'm having this same issue and mine won't even show up in device manager or in the change adapter's like it's just disappeared completely
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