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tom's what is halo-combat evolved product key because i have lost one and i can't play the game i have download halo-combat evolved today and my friend have give the product key but my little brother has lost it so i don't put yet the product i want to play halo-combat evolved because i never play it before.
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  1. GTFOH. We will NOT help you crack/hack games.

    And since your 11 years old, you shouldn't be playing rated M games. I'm sure your parents don't know..... and if they do know, they need to be educated on the rating system. People like you make all the anti-gaming people try and kill gaming for us older people. If your 13+ I wouldn't have a problem with you playing this game.... BUT I still do have a problem of you pirating games.

    Stop playing video games and go outside and play!
  2. hey i been have halo combat evolved i don`t want the game i only wan`t the product key only
  3. You are just not smart. You are not going to get the key from this community, we do not support piracy.
  4. my frnd same as me i love to play halo c..... but i downloaded the game & for got about te CD key please take it again from ur frnd & then give me
  5. same as me
  6. I think it's time to lock this thread.
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