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Is ASUS U46E-BAL6 good Lap Top for Costa Rica

I am thinking the ASUS U46E-BAL6 will be a good computer for me. I live in the Jungle and need a good reliable computer that can handle humidity. I am not a gamer. Just want a good computer for photos, design, and internet. All advise welcomed.
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    umm, lets me explain it this way
    microelectronics and humidity don't mix well.

    so no matter what laptop you get, keep in mind that due to humidity you will most likely be running at higher temperatures than normal.
    your heat sink and fan performance will degrade faster and more severely due to dust actually sticking to components because of humidity instead of getting stuck in crevices.
  2. I agree with the post immediately above as if you're in the rainforest or jungle maybe you should be looking at some of the more rugged alternatives used by geologists in the field, such as the Panasonic Toughbook - some good deals on eBay.

    Cheers, Tee

    Tee is Senior Editor of digital magazine about <a href="">Costa Rica</a>
  3. Thanks for the advice- I went forward with the ASUS purchase. Would it be smart to get a cooling pad/fan that the bot sit's on? I've seen them for sale here. I have been down here for ten years dealing with electronics and I have found that you got to use it and then keep it in a good bag. Don't use on top of soft surfaces like couches/beds ect. for heat. Mostly, keep it with you and use it-don't let it set. Any advice greatly appreciated!
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