Is there any way to connect DVD player with PC?

Hello forum,i have been wondering this for a while now and because google didnt help me i was thinking of just asking experts so this is my situation.
I have this dvd home theater for some time now but i dont use it because i mean its dvd and for watching movies i prefer my 22 inch monitor and HD movies,BUT my pc speakers aint something much so i am wondering is it possible to connect dvd player with 5.1 speakers with my pc and use dvd as main audio device????

The model of player is Panasonic DVD Home Theater SA-PT150
All i know is that dvd use SCART as video output (i dont know if there is another one)
Thx in advance..... :)
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  1. It looks like the Panasonic SC-PT150 has an auxiliary audio input. If this is your Home Theater System, then why not use the PC as the DVD playing device and connect your PC audio output to the aux audio input of the home theater system?

    -Wolf sends
  2. you are absolutely right i dont know how i didnt see this earlier...Thank you!
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