Samsung HMX-H303 Vs. Sony CX190

Hello everyone. I want to buy a low-budget camera for making short films. ultra-amateur short films. where I live everything is expensive. so by calculating and converting(!) I should say that my budget is about 300 USD. I don't live in U.S or Europe and I have to pay about double for what a camera worths. so anyway, I asked around and Samsung HMX-H303 and Sony CX190 are okay with my budget. I was wondering which one is better. or if there's anything better (300$ to 400$).

Thanks in Advance
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  1. For camcorder reviews you can check here:

    Personally, I prefer Sony but in all fairness I have never used a Samsung camcorder before. I would not rule out a Canon camcorder (see links below). They have a great reputation and are well known for their optics.
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