Microsoft Wheel Mouse Optical Troubleshoot

In the past week my mouse started to have a erratic behaviour, it shuts down and starts working without a pattern, the only solution i've seen is to unplug and plug again the USB, sometimes it works for the next 10 minutes or less, sometimes it won't by giving an "Couldn't install hardware" error.

Things i've tried so far to solve this problem:

-Tried USB 1.1 and 2.0
-Ticked off the "Turn of the device so the computer can save energy"
-Installed the new microsoft mouse driver.

Thank you in advance
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  1. It can be caused by several reasons:

    1) The mouse is one of the few mouses, and hardware in generally, that malfunction because of simple error during the manufacturing process.

    2) One or more of the updates of the operating system caused the problem. there are many users' complaints about updates messing their hardware.

    3) A faulty installation of the driver/ Driver not compatible with operating system (For Example: Trying to install a driver that is suitable for XP on a Vista based computer)

    4) The fourth option is the less likely, but still exist: compatibility problems between the hardware and the operating system, but again, it's not likely to be the cause because of the fact that the mouse manufacturer is Microsoft.
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