2nd Hard Drive and Windows 7

I have a new system with asus 6t v2, velociraptor as boot drive. I have installed a 2nd velociraptor which is seen in the bios but windows 7 does not see. How do you get windows 7 to list the 2nd hard drive?
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  1. Yes it is listed in disk management in bios.
    I have an ASUS p6t v2, intel 1-9, 6gb ram, cosair 850 watt, 2-WD 10,000 Velociraptor HD's and galaxy gts 250 with 1g.
    Also in the process of water cooling with a Cooler Master Aqugate. I have splitters to feed the chipset block,
    south and north bridge block and the video card block. Iam now testing for leaks prior to installing the water blocks on each.
    Will eventually need help in over clocking.
    Also I need a couple more internal USA 9-pin connectors which this MB only has 3. Is there an expansion card to increase the number of internal connectors?
    Thanks TheNewOne
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